European Week of Sport

#BEACTIVE squat & talk 24–25/09/2018, Brussels, BE

In samenwerking met internationale partners ENGSO en EL zal P.I. tgv de Europese week van de sport een dubbele activiteit organiseren te Brussel.

Op maandag 24: over de middag een door Fitfaza begeleide sportactiviteit in het park van Brussel.
Samenkomst vooraf en achteraf (hapje en drankje) vindt plaats op het adres van onze P.I. antenne te Brussel.

Op dinsdag 25 : een seminarie ivm sport topics eveneens op de zetel van onze P.I. antenne hier in Brussel.

De inschrijvingen zullen gebeuren via de website van partner ENGSO. Verdere detailinfo kan je hieronder terugvinden:


Smart up that body and brain! The European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO), Panathlon International and the European Lotteries invite you to take part in our #BEACTIVE squat & talk event during the European Week of Sport.

Will you challenge your body with the simple but argh-so-effective Bring Sally up* challenge? Are you joining us for mind-opening discussions on gender, money and physical activity? You are welcome to choose to squat, talk or both!

#BEACTIVE & squat: Bring Sally up Challenge *

Followed by a casual lunch
Time: Monday 24/09 at 11.30–14.00
Venue: Pharumlegal (Avenue des Arts 43) and Parc de Bruxelles

#BEACTIVE & talk: Seminar on gender and the funding of physical activity

Followed by a networking lunch
Time: Tuesday 25/09 at 10.30–14.00
Venue: Pharumlegal (Avenue des Arts 43)

Participation in the event is free of charge – but limited. Register online today.

* Bring Sally up - The concept is extremely simple. We play Moby's song "Flowers". Then in the rhythm of the words of the song - "up" and "down" - you take the position, fall and rise to take off. The planks, low chair, legs near the ground.

Round I - walking plank - core and arms
Round II squat - legs
Round III raising legs - abs